Web Engineering


Model-based web engineering methods have improved the quality and efficiency of Web applications development. These methods use sound conceptual models to gather a rich specification of the application to be developed. The main advantage of this approach is that from those models is feasible to systematically generate the source code which implements the specified Web application. Following this reasoning line, in this research area we have addressed how to build such descriptive models and how to transform models to web code.

Specifically, we have developed approaches to: (1) improve the requirements gathering for Web Systems, (2) provide adaptive and accessible web applications, (3) generate web services according to the best practices from the SOA community and (4) include rich interfaces and collaborative patterns from the Web 2.0 domain.

Technical services:

  • Requirements specification for the development of a web-based application
  • Analysis and design of Web Services
  • Development of rich internet applications based on client-side frameworks