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Luz Marcela Ruiz

I am a Researcher in Computer Sciences at PROS Research Centre in the Universitat Poliècnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain. I hold a PhD in Computer Sciences from the same University (2016). As a researcher at PROS, I am working on the development of methods to support information systems evolution and organisational reengineering. I enjoy to design and implement original engineering artefacts. I like as well to conduct empirical experiments to evaluate new developments in practice. As an assistant professor at UPV, I like to be creative by introducing trendy and catching material to my classes.

Since I found combining different study fields leads to improved research, I established persistent and fruitful collaborations with many research groups around the world. Given my expertise in model-driven and model-based paradigms, software analytics, domain specific languages, organisational modelling, and requirements engineering, I have participated in several national and European research projects. Thanks to my commitment to excellence, I have published my research results in well-known conferences and journals like CAiSE, RCIS, ISD, Information Systems Journal, etc. I am part of various program committees of conferences like RCIS, CLEI, CIbSE, REFSQ, etc., as well as I am a reviewer of the Information and Software Technology journal and Multimedia Tools and Applications journal. I have participated in the organisation of conferences like CEDI 2010, RCIS 2012, CAiSE 2013, and PoEM 2015.

For my leisure time, I like enjoying nature by running in the large park of Valencia or by hiking in the nearby mountains. Running helps me to re-focus my mind and inspire new ideas. Also, practicing Salsa involves learning and improving musical choreographies, which is a source of power for me. I enjoy very much to travel and discover new cultures together with friends. I find fascinating to learn new languages. I started to learn French thanks to a stay in Paris in 2014. Now I am enrolled in a course to master the language. Last but no least, I like to express my creativity by building funny and useful devices with Arduino.

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