PROS Center

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The Research Center on Software Production Methods (PROS) is a specialized research institute of the Universitat Politècnica de València created in the year 2008 with over 20 years of research experience.

At PROS Center, more than 50 researchers work in the study and creation of new processes, methods and strategies in order to support the software production process from a rigorous, reliable and industrial-oriented perspective.

In the Software Production Methods research area, the main goal of PROS it to develop high-quality R&D and to transfer this knowledge to the industrial sector at the local level as well as nationally and internationally.


[blockquote]To Improve traditional software production methods, providing model-driven methods and testing techniques to develop high-quality software in a systematic and productive way.[/blockquote]


[blockquote]To reach the highest level of excellence in research on Model-Driven Development of Industrial Software and to become a leading center of reference with great impact on economic and social development at the regional, national and international level.[/blockquote]


  • To make research excellence productive by leading a high-quality technology transfer that promotes the creation of technology-oriented companies
  • To develop Information Systems Engineering and to extend the application of Model-driven Software development to several domains (Organizational Systems, Bioinformatics, Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous Computing, Software Testing, and Web Engineering)
  • To train the best researchers in the PROS research areas with the goal of promoting research excellence
  • To lead and participate in research projects of great relevance
  • To promote the dissemination of Software Engineering in the academic research community as well as in industry and society



The PROS R&D activities are organized into several research areas: