PROS – Research Center on Software Production Methods


The aim of SUPORT is clear: to enable SMEs to break down the barriers to the research that exists within Universities. The premise for the SUPORT project is simple; much research has been conducted in Universities and research organizations. One of three things happens to this research:

  1. Campus company is set up to exploit

  2. IP is sold/leased/licensed to a company, usually large (Siemens, Nokia etc) to exploit

  3. Grows mouldy on the shelf.

SME owners have needs of new: Technology, Products, Methods, patents etc. yet the typically have no experience or knowledge of the university sector, and consequently will never access the technology at 3) above.

The SUPORT project will layout in a basic roadmap the approach that universities follow when researching (what they research, how they research, why they research and finally what happens to it) so that ‘outsiders’ (like SMEs) can understand the process. The next stage is to develop workshops that teach SMEs the above (How, why, what etc) and then develop workshop material that will teach them how to access the innovation framework that exists within universities. (ie how to deal with patents, licensing, partnerships etc).

The objective is to give the SME an understanding about what universitiy research departments do, what makes the universities “tick” and how to access that research for the benefit of the SME.


Noticias UPV televisión 09-11-2010:

Period: 2013 -2016

Funding Organization:
7º Programa Marco de la UE.

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