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The ITEA 2 Smart Energy Aware System (SEAS) project aims to link the consumption and production of energy according to the user’s needs in situ in real time. The goal is to enable ‘communication’ between energy production and related data, from whatever source, to energy consumption, regardless of location, time and use. This intention is for this communication to be so ‘smart’ that it will help reduce overall energy consumption. To do this, we will develop an intelligent electrical energy knowledge model: Smart Energy Aware System, or SEAS. An important component of ‘smart grids’ is a communicating electric meter. In 2011, there were 36 million smart electric meters (85% of all meters) in US households. In Europe, it will take another ten years to reach this level.


The project will facilitate a shift from static to dynamic energy management. Currently, automatic controllers are based on telecommunication networks and management software providing the means to control, monitor and estimate consumption but these methods are inefficient, static and lack precision regarding the variations of real-time energy to consumption at the end consumer.

Such conditions may potentially cause the current controllers to waste energy and limit the opportunities for the distribution of renewable energy.

In addition, to facilitate all market participants, the ITEA 2 SEAS project aims give everyone a real-time overview of the energy production and consumption systems so that energy consumption everywhere can be adjusted and thereby optimised.


The digital services developed in SEAS will benefit all the actors in the energy world. The publication by the SEAS consortium of a standardised ‘knowledge model’ and an open process is a step towards the development of HUB open data exchange. These tools could facilitate the energy tasks of suppliers, distributors and authorities.


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Main Researcher:
Óscar Pastor López

Period: 2013 -2016

References: ITEA2 n.12004

Funding Organization:
Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo



Call:                                                                                                  Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)

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