PROS – Research Center on Software Production Methods

The mission statement of OPEES is to settle a community and build the necessary means and enablers to ensure long-term availability of innovative engineering technologies in the domain of dependable / critical software-intensive embedded systems. For OPEES partners and supporters, this challenge can be achieved if we succeed in building an ecosystem in the open source frame, with the relevant business models, in order to ensure this long term availability of engineering tools and components.

The viability of such an ecosystem requires several elements that the OPEES project aims at providing:

  • An open and visible organization with an European and world-wide dimension, implementing the business models / business plan and dissemination plan defined in the project, allowing the emergence of a European service industry able to create profitable business and employment,
  • a common vision and roadmap which allows to share and build upon the results of R&D collaborative projects and to ensure consistency and complementarities for the future R&D projects that will be launched to complete the set of engineering tools,
  • An open technical repository that will hold a first set of core components & tools matured and assessed following the OPEES methodologies, and will support collaborative works around these components,
  • A set of processes and guidelines for tools/components maturation, verification & qualification, for the candidate tools/components validated through experimentations on real use cases to ensure components durability and interoperability, through promotion of open standards, in adequacy with industrial needs, constraints and domain standards.

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Main Researcher:
Vicente Pelechano Ferragud

Period: 2010 -2012

References:                                                                                            ITEA2 n.12014

Funding Organization:
Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo




· Universitat Politècnica de València
· Indra

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