With the advent of enabling technologies, a wealth of public and organizational data is available for and through collective intelligence applications. We propose a platform that defines a massive data flow and processing architecture for public and private clouds with built-in analytics capabilities. It is through these enabling knowledge discovery capabilities that cognition, cooperation and coordination activities on the platform produce additional behavioural knowledge, predictions and valuable insights in the underlying application domains. The key objective is to position the target architecture in respect of the nascent “big data” value chain and thus contribute to the implementation of sustainable business models. The platform model will allow setting the foundation toward “Big Data as a Service” market value proposition.

The CAP project goal is to provide a flexible platform to access and store various data flows (open data, private data, organization data, in raw or in aggregated forms) in real time and perform analytics on across business domains. The largest economic impact of the platform is in the ability to uncover correlations and insights across business domains while ensuring the security and the privacy of each data source. The platform will provide the features necessary for provisioning of the data and the knowledge discovered thereof to the CAP market place. The CAP marketplace allows for data owners, platform suppliers and data scientists to collaborate and derive their respective business value. The data owners will be able to enrich their business applications’ features with a wealth of behavioural knowledge, predictions and valuable insights in the underlying business domains obtained and disseminated through feature of CAP.

For data owners, whether it is health, logistics, business intelligence, manufacturing or geospatial intelligence data, it is vitally important to understand its nature, the information content and its correlations and context. However, knowledge discovery is a complex task that is still an open challenge for Big Data.

The CAP Project proposes an innovative platform that defines a collective intelligence data flow architecture on public and private clouds with built-in analytics capabilities. CAP defines standards, extensible data models and interfaces where the exchange of data between the data owners, platform operators, cloud infrastructure operators and data scientists. Data scientists facilitate the knowledge discovery through application of advanced analytics capabilities first through sandboxes on real data, then supplying configurable, domain specific algorithms and methods to data owners.

Several instantiations of the platform model will be demonstrated and interoperability test will be performed. This will contribute to set a standard for Big Data as a service platform across Europe and beyond. Privacy and security are paramount for when data is entrusted to third parties. Advanced research on data protection and privacy in the cloud environment is in the scope of the project and this deliverable is a key feature for the adoption of the platform. Another key deliverable comes from the business model research to establish metrics for the value of Big Data. With these features CAP facilitates regulated collaboration of all the platform stakeholders and enables the development of new innovative business models on data and knowledge in safe environment where data owners have the opportunity to valorize their data outside across other domains. This unique capability of the CAP platforms will facilitate the opening of a new space for Value Creation: The Big Data Marketplace.

The project will implement nine major use cases of the platform for the following domains:

Analytics for Industrial Machine Builders (Manufacturing), Genomic Diagnosis (Health), Geo Intelligence, Logistics, Telecommunications, Traffic, Virtual Metrology, Security for managed IT services and Energy (Wind Power)..

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Main Researcher:
Óscar Pastor López

Period: 2013 -2016

References:                                                                                                       ITEA2 n.12011

Funding Organization:
Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo



Call:                                                                                                Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)