Breast Cancer IS – Design and Development of an Information System for the Efficient Management of Data About Breast Cancer in Young Women

Research on highly complex diseases such as breast cancer is becoming a challenging task due to the increasing large amount and variety of data collected about this disease and the need to interrelate this data to draw relevant and quality results. The production of clinical data has to be associated with its efficient management. Because of this fact, the use of advanced data management technologies such as Information Systems (IS) as a tool for storing, managing and exploiting data is a must. Using as input the data obtained from Subproject 1, the main challenge of this project is to design and develop an IS to manage information about breast cancer in young women following an efficient and reliable way. The use of Conceptual Modeling techniques will provide an IS perfectly fitted to the genomic and clinical data domain related to breast cancer. To achieve this objective, it is essential to carry out this project in coordination with the group of Dr. Gloria Ribas, sharing all the details of the application domain and ensuring that the implementation of the IS fits perfectly their working environment. Current trends on data management and storage such as Big Data platforms based on Cloud Computing, No-SQL Databases and Data Science software will analyzed  with the aim of storing, managing and exploiting the data obtained from Subproject 1 in an efficient way and  generating original and high quality results.

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Main Researcher:
Óscar Pastor López

Programme: Proyectos de investigación en salud

Period: 3 years


Funding Organization:
Instituto de Salud Carlos III