Accelerate is a platform for the acceleration of go-to market in the ICT-industry. Accelerate is an ITEA2 -project ( running from September 2013 until November 2016. The participating organizations of Accelerate can be found here.

The Accelerate project will focus on the “European Paradox” – great science, poor marketable innovations. The aim of the Accelerate project is to create services to accelerate the speed from ideas to business, based on the needs of the European technological industry. The services will be implemented in technological innovations, streamlined processes and new software technologies.

The first goal of Accelerate is to enable the knowledge transfer on a massive scale. To support this goal, the project will deliver the following technical innovations:

  • Innovation Target 1.1. Innovative ICT Technologies to support transfer of acceleration knowledge on a massive scale in Europe
  • Innovation Target 1.2. Virtual collaboration workspaces for Acceleration

To increase competitiveness of the European industry, drastically accelerating the process of validated learning is inescapable. The Accelerate consortium sees a unique opportunity for ICT technology to play a pivotal role in this acceleration. Therefore, a second goal of the Accelerate project is to develop software technologies that will enable aforementioned acceleration:

  • Innovation Target 2.1. Acceleration of the decision support dashboards
  • Innovation Target 2.2. Technologies for capturing and modelling data for validated learning
  • Innovation Target 2.3. Technological infrastructures for running validated learning experiments

Accelerate will develop and validate the project results in several European industry domains (represented by large industry partners in the consortium) in Northern, Central and Southern Europe. The goal of the project is to support companies in accelerating their innovations in different domains.

The figure below links the main objectives of the project with the technological innovation associated to them:

In order to achieve the goals, the following innovations will be developed:

  • Individual industrial use-cases showing the rapid “go to market” -approach for innovations in different domains.
  • Creation of a pan-European co-working space for acceleration of European technology companies, including Acceleration platform, dashboard and toolbox.
  • Creation of an “umbrella” organization to ensure the innovative acceleration technologies and services can be utilised by industries European-wide.

The work packages of Accelerate are presented in the figure below:

 accelerate3accelerate4 accelerate2 logo_upv_val

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Main Researcher:
Óscar Pastor López

Period: 2013 -2016

References:                                                                                           ITEA2 n.12014

Funding Organization:
Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo



Call:                                                                                        Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)

·Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
· Universidad de Mondragón
· Planet Media