OO-Method – the Methodological Support for Oliva Nova Model Execution System


Current and future (conventional) notations used in Conceptual Modeling techniques should have a precise (formal) semantics to provide a well-defined software development process, with the purpose of going from specification to implementation in an automated way. To achieve this objective, the OO-Method approach to Information Systems Modeling introduced here tries to overcome the conventional (informal) / formal dichotomy by picking the best ideas from both approaches.

In OO-Method it is made a clear distinction between the problem space (centered on what the system is) and the solution space (centered on how it is implemented as a software product). It provides a precise, conventional graphical notation to obtain a system description at the problem space level, but this notation is strictly based on a formal OO specification. An abstract execution model determines how to obtain the software representations corresponding to these conceptual modeling patterns. In this way, the final software product can be obtained in an automated way.

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