PROS – Research Center on Software Production Methods

Different methods and tools for the analysis, design, implementation and/or automatic generation of software systems have been proposed in the context of several research areas related with the construction of software. Nevertheless, most of them has been vaguely defined and without an engineering basis.  Moreover, the meteoric evolution of the own software systems makes necessary the seamless revision of the suitability of the proposed methods and tools. Method features, such as agility or adaptivity, can be possibly ideal requirements of the methods for the development of new trends of software. Therefore, a deep pragmatic and social revision of these methods and tools is necessary, together with a revision of the process and techniques applied during the design and application of them.

This research line aims at studying in a theoretical and practical way the foundations of methods, techniques and tools for software development. We apply the Model Driven philosophy; therefore, the model-driven method engineering results on a paradigm for method engineering where models play a key role in the design, construction, and adaptation of methods, techniques, and tools for the development of software systems.

Technological Services:

  • Advice on the design and construction of methods and software development tools
  • Design of software development methods
  • Construction of tools for supporting software development methods
  • Adaptation of software development methods to the particularities of a software project
  • Construction of tools for the design of software development methods

Related Projects:



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  • A Methodological Framework and Software Infrastructure for the Construction of Software Production Methods. ICSP 2010: 112-125 2008
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