Fáber D. Giraldo

Fáber D. Giraldo is a System and Computer Engineer from the University of Quindío, Colombia (with a grant from the Ministry of Education of Colombia). He has a Ms.Eng. degree with emphasis on Informatics from EAFIT University, Colombia (with a grant from EAFIT University). He holds a Ph.D.(C) in Informatics from the Universidad Politècnica de València, Spain (with a grant from the National administrative department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia – COLCIENCIAS) and is currently working with the PROS Research Center.

He is a full assistant professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Quindío, He coordinates the Master in Engineering with emphasis on Software Engineering at the University of Quindío. He is a researcher of the Information Systems and Industrial Control research group (SINFOCI) at the University of Quindío, and is recognized as Associate Researcher Type I by COLCIENCIAS. His research interests include software engineering, model-driven engineering, software quality, quality in model-driven engineering, software architecture, technical debt, enterprise architecture, enterprise modelling, HCI and innovation. He has supervised more than 100 undergraduate projects, and He has eight master works under his direction to date.  He is also invited professor of some Universities of Colombia for master courses in Software Architecture and Software Process Improvement. Currently He has research projects about quality in model-driven engineering projects, telecare systems for older people, information systems to support agricultural production chains, and serious games to support advertising in public health prevention and teaching process in immunology.

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