Diagen Soft Plus ® – Sotware tool for a complete and reliable genetic diagnosis


Diagen Soft Plus ® is a software for analyzing genomic sequences using a database where genes, mutations and diseases are linked, and for extracting the information related with patient’s health conditions. This allows an early disease detection which can be decisive to choose a treatment.

With Diagen Soft Plus ® the specialized staff in the laboratory can perform the alignment of the sequences with the reference sequence, the detection of the mutations, or a search on the data sources which is necessary to carry out the diagnostic. Diagen Soft Plus ® automatically provides a report for the diagnosis, which must be looked through in the laboratory and confirmed by a doctor who will inform to the patient.

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Diagen Soft Plus is a product of GemBiosoft. If you want to know more of GemBiosoft, visit its page:logo_genoma