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Model Driven Development (MDD) blog article

Oscar Pastor Invited Keynote at CIBSE and CIIS. Follow his talks online!

Oscar Pastor, director at PROS, will participate during this week in three Invited Keynotes. They will all be online, so you can easily attend by registering to the conferences or on their YouTube channels:

1.- Tuesday the 10th Nov (14.00 GMT+1), at the Doctoral Symposium in CiBSE (IberoAmerican Conference on Software Engineering) on “Design Science as PhD Research Methodology“.

Follow the talk on Youtube:

2.- Friday the 13th Nov (14.00- 15.30 GMT+1), in CiBSE (IberoAmerican Conference on Software Engineering) on “Genome Data Science-based Solutions for Personalized Health Care

3.- Friday the 13th Nov (15.30-16:30 GMT+1, in CIIS (XXI Congreso Internacional de Informática y Sistemas) on “Conceptual Modeling Programming: de los requisitos del cliente al código de la aplicación

Follow the talk Live on Youtube: